Frances Fitness

Online Coaching



An unrivalled guidance system to support you with your goals to ensure quality personalised coaching to maximise the end result.

Tailored Meal Plans

Frances Fitness tailors nutritional plans to each individuals personal goals. Eating foods you enjoy and love is essential for keeping consistent with your goals, thats why our meal plans enable you to eat all food groups – no fad diets here! Learn how to achieve your results properly.

Personalised Workout Plans

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, I will tailor your training plan to suit your body, goals and most importantly your lifestyle. Making sure we design a plan you will stick to is the key to success.


Frances Fitness goes way beyond weekly 1-1 check ins. Daily accountability coaching is incorporated into your plans to ensure lasting habits are created and an increase in results is achieved. Progress will be measured through a variety of methods such as progress pictures and statistics, to ensure a positive mindset is developed and the scales are kept minimal.


Frances Fitness differentiates itself by focusing largely on regulating hormones to achieve an increase in results. Learn how to turn your ‘hunger switch’ off to enable you to shred those pounds without feeling hungry. Education on how to increase your Testosterone levels to achieve that alpha male physique naturally.


Not only will you achieve great results from the course, you will also LEARN how to accomplish this yourself. Think of it like a personal trainer and nutrition course.. you get to learn how I designed your plans, how to maintain this in the future to ensure the results you make are for a lifetime.

About Me

Personal online coaching dedicated to my clients to ensure they achieve the best results. With my many years of experience working specifically on fat loss, I have orchestrated a specific plan to ensure maximal results in an efficient way to guide my clients to the new version of them.



This is a bespoke service where you have support and guidance from me, prices are completely dependent on each individual.

All of my clients should expect to get a completely personalised experience with me along their journey. For me it’s about creating a relationship with all my clients in order to help them every step of the way towards achieving their goals. Clients shouldn’t expect things to be numbers orientated or totally goal driven, I aim to create a lifestyle change with sustainable and enjoyable eating plans and training which provides enjoyment and consistency.

When you join my team, you will gain access to fully bespoke meal and diet plans, a personalised check-in process to ensure you are moving towards your goals and a direct chat with me to help you on every step of your journey.

Payment is done through stripe, a highly secure and safe payment system. Payment is taken automatically every 4 weeks from when you sign up until the agreed commitment terms.

This completely depends on the client, what their goals are and their current position. I would personally recommend starting with anywhere between 3-6 months, this is to ensure the very best progress alongside building long-term sustainable habits. There is a minimum commitment period of 3 months, but your journey can last as long as you would like it to.

Of course you can! I can create a plan to your preferred location and to fit around your goals and your lifestyle.

All progress and measurements are tracked through my app which you will have on your phone. Everything from progress photos, to weekly weigh-ins, sleep, menstrual cycle, diet, motivation, water intake etc are tracked and that way I can monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your goals or with your plans.

You decide. You tell us how much time you have for training per week and what your goal is and then we will make a plan so that the training fits into your routine in the best possible way.